A selection of commissioned pieces, donated pieces, and collaborations.

Appalachian Quilt Trail Barn Quilt.
Commissioned piece, hand painted 16’x16′ barn quilt completed on four 4’x4′ boards. Quilt is on display in Kentucky.

Fam Jam Cut Out Photo Board.
Commissioned donation piece. Completed for a local church summer event. Acrylic on 4’x6′ board. (2019)

Camp Selah Map and Illustrations.
Commissioned hand-painted map of a summer camp. Acrylic on canvas paper. Commissioned donations for the Camp Selah Friendraiser event. (2019)

Youth Haven Donation.
Pencil drawing of the Michigan location Youth Haven Ranch sign. Pencil on 7″x10″ paper. (2020)

Collaboration Painting.
Painting of a Taylor Castillo photograph. Collaboration was part of an artwork swap. (2020)

Sunflower. 4″x4″ acrylic painting commissioned in memory of a beautiful soul. (2020)

Digital Horse Painting. Commissioned for a sweet birthday girl (2020).

Tractor and Farmer Bunny. Acrylic painting for a child’s room, acrylic on stretched canvas. (2019)

Portrait Commission. Watercolor portrait commissioned for December 2020.

Mari. One of three watercolor pet portrait commissions for the same client. Such sweet pets! (2020)

Louie. Watercolor pet portrait commission. (2020)

Peggy. A selected illustration from a short story. (2020)