Naptime Produce

This is a series that started with an Instagram challenge, the #sarahsedwickseveninseven challenge. The premise was simple: paint every day and share it. I was nervous to commit to the challenge, but I did it.

A challenge with this challenge was that we would be camping out of town right in the middle of this challenge. Experimenting with watercolor pencils solved this hiccup. I will share my watercolor pencil pieces another day.

After completing 6/7 days of the challenge, I was very pleased with how my produce still life paintings turned out. I was so pleased, I decided to continue. Thus the Naptime Produce series was born!

Why the name? Well that is simple. Each piece is a painting of produce. Some from the store, some from our garden, but all produce of some sort. How does “naptime” fall into this? Easy. The vast majority of my studio time occurs when my children are napping or resting.

I hope you enjoy this series! If you love this series, one or all of them could be yours. This series is currently on display at Northwoods Coffee Company in Coldwater, Michigan. Pieces can be purchased individually, or as a set. Stop in for their grand opening October 21, 2019.

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