Whimsical Watercolor Animals

Is there something you were drawn to as a child? Something you always created? I did. Time and time again I would come back to a few subjects, whimsical animals and their homes were one of them.

I always loved Beatrix Potter’s stories and the accompanying illustrations. I adored the idea of animals living like people, wearing clothes, and having tiny cups, plates, and beds. I found them fascinating and enchanting. My favorite toy was a Peter Rabbit doll whom I took everywhere. It’s no wonder that my whimsical watercolor animal series flowed naturally from my brush.

I officially began this series in January 2021, but I have been working up to it my entire creative life! For the first week of January I focused on whimsical watercolors, and I love them.

I started with a little inspiration from my son, who carries a beloved stuffed bear with him everywhere. If we do not have Bear, we don’t go anywhere. 😉 While this bear in overalls doesn’t look anything like my son’s bear, he flowed naturally from my brush and looks quite at home in his overalls. He’s almost like a grown up Corduroy!

“Tired Mama” watercolor on paper. SOLD

Building off the bear inspiration, I combined it with something that is very common with raising children (or just living with others): arguments. Any parent will know that their children go through different phases in how well they get along with their siblings. In the middle of this series, I was playing referee a lot. I think the lack of outside time was getting to all of us! Thus, “Tired Mama” was born.

Two of my favorite pieces from series are “Moose with a Mocha” and “Clarinet Practice”. I originally meant for the moose to be finishing up a yoga session, but despite the yoga pants, a mocha ended up being more fitting.

“Clarinet Practice”, watercolor on paper, SOLD
“Moose with a Mocha”, available.

My absolute favorite piece from this series is this little mouse sitting on a spool of thread. She evokes so many of my drawings as a child, combining Beatrix Potter with The Borrowers (did anyone else read those stories?). I just love how the colors work together and how the light bounces off her dress.

“Mouse on a Spool”

My last piece was loosely inspired by my cousin’s dog. I’ve never actually met her dog, but from pictures and stories I have heard she has quite the personality! This piece didn’t quite go where I wanted it, but I do love the cheerful yellow of her rain jacket and umbrella.

“Rainy Dog”, watercolor on paper, available.

I very much enjoyed these paintings, they reignighted some childhood creativity that had been dormant for quite some time.

Tell me, what was your favorite piece? What animal do you want to see brought to life?

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  1. beth says:

    I am also a huge fan of whimsical animals


    1. Elizabeth says:

      They are so fun, aren’t they?

      Liked by 1 person

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