Kentucky Barn Painting

After completing my first barn painting, I knew that I wanted to paint another. I also knew I wanted a better reference photo than a free image from a search engine. Then I remembered the barn quilt my great aunt had commissioned several years ago. I knew I had a photo of the barn on the family farm and I was so pleased when I found it. I had found my next barn painting.

I have not spent much time on this family farm, but it has an amazing history! The woman who purchased the farm purchased it by herself after her husband was killed in the Civil War. She bought and worked this farm by herself with several children and one on the way (she had four or five total, I believe). Purchasing property as a single woman was an amazing feat at that time! The farm has been in the family for much, if not all, of the time since she purchased it, which is amazing as well.

Working on this painting brought a connection to this woman and to my family. It was almost a way to visit the land that has such strong family ties. I would love to see the farm again someday, which may be possible as it has recently passed from the hands of one family member to another.

Here’s to family farms, may they always live on.

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