Play Room Mural

Recently, I had the opportunity to paint a fun fairytale themed mural in a basement play room. As a former child who had a fondness for castles and dragons this was especially enjoyable.

I decided to work with the pale blue paint of the wall as the color of the sky. After chalking out the drawing, I used a basic primer to prime the hill and path, castle, and dragon. After the primer was dry I blocked in the blue of the dragon, the green grass, gray castle, and brown path.

I added some depth to the grassy hill with highlights and shadows, and added the tree for some interest. There is a possibility that I may be called back to add a knight on the path, but for now the dragon is the only living creature to be seen.

The dragon took most of my time, I wanted to be sure he had depth and interest. Metallic gold scales were added as a nod to dragonlore and dragon treasures.

The children of the family absolutely love their dragon mural, one of them exclaiming, “Woah! That’s a cool mural!”

I look forward to my next mural, whether it be a nursery, a play room, or something in a professional setting. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in your own mural, I have openings for 2020 and 2021. Please contact me at

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