Art Lessons: Skillshare

Have you wanted to learn to draw or paint but don’t know where to begin? You’re in luck! I have several classes available to you!

There are many platforms available for video lessons, it can be overwhelming! So why Skillshare? Skillshare prides itself on quality videos for it’s users. Teachers are held to specific and high standards to ensure each Skillshare user gets quality lessons. Skillshare offers both free and premium classes, allowing anyone to learn while also allowing its teachers to earn revenue from their courses.

I joined Skillshare in 2020 and offered my first class, Value 101. Since then, I have added three more classes. Painting 101, where we explore basic color theory. Painting 102, where we paint an acrylic pet portrait together, and Drawing 102, where we draw a simple still life together.

Here is a very short version of my Painting 102 course.

At this point in time, all of my classes are FREE! Even better, by clicking this link, you will receive two weeks of Skillshare Premium, free! Skillshare premium offers so many great, full-length classes just waiting for you. While I use Skillshare to teach and practice art, Skillshare offers more than just art courses.

Take some time this weekend to learn some new art skills and join me on Skillshare! The courses I offer are just the first of many more to come! Happy learning!

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