Motherhood Series: Cold Breakfast

It has been quite a while since I have added to my Motherhood Series. I took a break from the series for the holidays and to try new painting styles and subject matter. Yet I could feel the series nagging in the back of my mind, reminding me that it wasn’t complete, that it still needed attention.

After creating a painting a day for the #31DayChallenge I felt ready to revisit the series and pick up where I left off. After a year of stay at home orders and staying inside due to a cold winter, life had grown very mundane. While struggling through the mundane I remembered exactly why I had begun this series: to find the beauty in the mundane moments of motherhood.

In this series I have visited a prenatal hospital stay, a pediatrician wating room, messy floors, preparing young children to play in the snow, and forgotten toys. Now it was time to visit a very familiar milestone of parenting: cold breakfast.

Cold Breakfast
8×10″ acrylic on canvas board

It is not uncommon in caring for little ones to prepare a breakfast for myself only to get to it when it has gone completely cold. That warm farm-fresh scrambled egg and comforting cup of tea are no longer warm but cold. The children have long finished their breakfast (and second breakfasts) and now it is my turn to eat. Of course, both cold eggs and cold tea are easily remedied by a round in the microwave. Regardless, finding your breakfast cold after tending to your children is not uncommon in parenting, and definitely not uncommon in my motherhood.

A cold breakfast may not seem beautiful in itself, it may not even seem all that beautiful after viewing it as an act of selflessness for the children’s benefit, but forever sealed in memory with acrylic paint does make it look a little beautiful.

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