Camp Selah Commission

“Camp Map” acrylic on canvas paper. On display at Camp Selah in Reading, MI

As a young teenager I had the opportunity to attend many weeks of summer camp at a small Christian camp in rural southern Michigan. Camp Selah played a very important role in my life as a teen and my faith journey. When they reached out to me to commission some clip art drawings and a camp map, I was thrilled to complete the commission!

The map was painted on a rather large piece of canvas paper, allowing for easy scanning and framing if the need arose. I was provided with reference photos of the camp structures as things had changed in the decade (or more!) since I had been there. I was also asked to include iconic landmarks and characters of Camp Selah, which I was more than happy to do!

I kept the map playful and warm, both to create a welcoming feel as well as to reflect the attitude of the camp – no one is unwelcome at Camp Seah! While keeping the map fun, I still sought to maintain a solid level of geographical accuracy, it was a map after all.

My favorite addition to the map was the iconic Beavicorn playing volley ball on the sand volley ball court. The Beavicorn (part beaver and part unicorn) came to be during my summers serving at the camp and I love that he las lived on. Of course, I had to include the notorious golf cart as well, the distance from the camp entrance down to the waterfront is no quick trip, and the golf carts are a must for camp staff!

I am always appreciative of commissions, but especially when they are for a person, organization, or place that means so much to me. Thank you Camp Selah for thinking of me for your painting needs!

The Chapel, a longstanding and important building at Camp Selah

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