Seasons Painting Practice

A few months ago, I checked out several painting books from our library. These were a combination of how-to books, techniques, and art history books. One of the books I checked out was How to Draw & Paint Acrylic Painting: Seasons by David Lloyd Glover. I never received any formal training in acrylic painting, so I feel very self-taught when it comes to acrylics. I chose this book seeking guidance in the world of acrylic painting.

I was a little hesitant about this book, in college how-to books were painted in a bit of a negative light (pun not intended). However, once painting two pieces from this book, I found it to be incredibly helpful!

The most formal training I have is in oil painting. While going through this book, I realized that some techniques I learned for oil painting transfer over, but others are a little different. I completed three paintings from this book and I learned more with each painting.

I began with the barn painting. I had no experience painting snow, so I felt this would be a good exercise. I really, really, enjoyed this painting. I want to take some good snowscape photos this winter so I can paint more snow scenes.

I moved on to the autumn path painting. I struggled the most with this painting. Part of this was because I did not have one of the recommended brushes. I did what I could with what I had and I think it turned out okay. It is not my best work, but I still learned from it.

Finally, I moved on to the boat painting. I honestly hated this painting for 90% of the time I worked on it. However, it is my favorite painting of the group! It inspired me to practice painting water more often.

These paintings are not for sale, as they are not my original work, but they have inspired future painting ideas and a new love for landscape and nature paintings.

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  1. naomigentle says:

    Interesting post. I learned a few things.:-) So glad you are painting! It is the gift you were given to explore.

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    1. E says:

      Thank you for reading! I hope to perfect my talents and give them back to God.


  2. Asra Anime says:

    Beautiful 💙


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